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About Us

Flisvos in Greek, means “the sound of the waves softly lapping at the shore”.

About Us

While this is very true, it is only one of the many aspects that make Flisvos everyone's favorite seaside restaurant, as we are located at the heart of what is arguably, the most iconic location in Corfu, by the Vlaherna Monastery and Mouse Island (Pontikonisi).

So sit back and relax, while enjoying an aromatic coffee, fresh drink or one of the many tasty dishes we serve!

As you take in the scenery around you, why not try an ouzo, the classic greek aperitif and watch the sun go down behind the softly rocking boats in the little harbor.

Or savor the soft Corfiot summer night while enjoying a special gastronomic experience prepared for you by our expert chefs.


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